Friday Five - April 19 - Consignment Shop Edition

this week's dose of what I'm loving, FINDING, and buying on a budget

I love shopping at consignment shops. Over the last five years I’ve probably bought 80 percent of my wardrobe from consignment shops (most of which was my favorite shop, Second Chance). I love the hunt for a great deal, the joy of finding something truly unique, and the fact you can get great, barely worn, items for a fraction of the original price.

I also love that it’s environmentally friendly. The U.S. alone sends about 21 billion pounds of textile wastes to landfills every year. When you shop consignment (or donate your own clothing rather than throwing it away) you’re helping the environment by reducing that number while giving an article of clothing a new life!

With Earth Day just over a week away, I thought I’d celebrate by sharing five of my favorite recent consignment shop purchases, all found at Second Chance!

asos pink blazer.jpg

1. Pink Blazer

Price: $14
Brand: ASOS

jcrew turquoise bracelet.jpg

2. Turquoise Bracelet

Price: $6
Brand: J. CREW

jcrew nude heels.jpg

3. Block Heel Mules

Price: $17
Brand: J. CREW

marble necklace.jpg

4. Marble Necklace

Price: $4
Brand: Unknown

ohio homage tank.jpg

5. Ohio Tank

Price: $12.50
Brand: Homage