5 Things My TogetherDigital Scholarship Gave Me


I had been wanting to join TogetherDigital ever since I went to the very first kick-off meet-up three years ago & heard the founder, Alaina Shearer, tell her story.

TogetherDigital is an association dedicated to accelerating the advancement and growth of women in digital fields by giving women the most powerful tool in their arsenal: one another.

For three years I wanted to join, but with tackling my student loans, I didn’t feel like a membership was in the budget. So last summer when I heard they were accepting applications for full scholarships for one-year memberships, I dropped what I was doing and applied, and was chosen as a recipient a few weeks later. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

Here are five things my TogetherDigital scholarship has given me:

  1. National Conference. As a part of my scholarship award, I was invited to attend the national conference for free. I got to hear from women doing amazing things in their fields, including Stephanie Campbell (Social Media Manager, Aerie), Tanisha Robinson (Chief Disruption Officer, Brewdog), and more. I also attended digital strategy breakout session workshops and got to meet other women from all over the nation working in the digital field.

  2. Peer Circle. As part of TogetherDigital, you can be placed in a peer circle of 8-12 members that meet once per month to confidentially solve professional obstacles. My peer circle is an encouraging group of women & they have been one of the best parts about TogetherDigital!

  3. Slack. Your membership gives you access to Slack, an online platform where 2,000 other members from across the nation are always ready to answer questions or give advice. I often post digital-related questions to help me with something at work and have five replies of advice within 10 minutes.

  4. Confidence. Plain & simple TogetherDigital has given me confidence in my skill set, my thoughts and ideas, and more.

  5. My First Manicure. Seriously, The W Nail Bar sponsored last year’s Annual Conference and were providing complimentary manicures, so you know I was the first one to sign up (thanks The W Nail Bar!)

If you’re a woman working in the digital field, consider joining this group of women - your first month is FREE!

Want to just check it out first? The Columbus, OH May Meet-up is at Root Insurance on May 15 & is free for nonmembers to attend. Register here!