Wedding Wednesday: 5 Areas I’m Spending


While we are of course being budget-conscious while wedding planning, there are some things that are important to us that we knew we wanted to be a part of our day. Here are some areas we left extra room in our budget to include.

  1. Instrumental Ceremony Music. There’s something about string instruments playing at a wedding ceremony that creates an elegant environment. We could have chose a DJ to play music, but for just slightly more money, we could hire an instrumental trio, & this was an element we loved. We were also able to still pick all the music that will be played.

  2. Spaces for Party to Get Ready. A lot of people get ready with their wedding parties in their hotel rooms that they’re already using, but I wanted to make sure we had spaces that were roomy and comfortable for everyone, so we rented two loft-style event rooms in the downtown area. This way, the makeup & hair stylists can work in the same area at the same time & no one has to travel throughout the day, so we can all just hangout & have fun together.

  3. Cake. I know it’s trendy (and cheaper) to get donuts or cupcakes, but I like a traditional wedding cake. We’re forgoing a few traditional wedding activities, but cutting the cake is one we’ve kept. I also like the idea of saving the topper for one-year later, which we wouldn’t be able to do with donuts. We got our cake from Village Cakery.

  4. Honeymoon. We’re heading to an all-inclusive resort! The last thing I want to do is worry about what I'm spending during our trip after paying for a wedding, so we decided an all-inclusive resort was the way to go. We chose a Sandals resort that includes all food, drinks, and activities, and we worked to save and pay for it 10 months ahead of time so now all we have to do is look forward to it stress-free.

  5. Dress. I really wanted to choose something that was high-quality & was my style. It took me seven bridal shops to find it, but I did at B. Loved Bridal! This was one area I didn’t want to choose something because it was cheaper, when I loved something else.

    Everyone is different and your list may look very different than mine. Remember that your wedding day is about you and your partner and you should choose to spend or save on whichever areas you want and that your budget allows!

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