Wedding Wednesday: 5 Areas I'm Saving

Planning a wedding is expensive, exciting, stressful, and fun (official order of that TBD).

As we’ve built our wedding budget & browsed through wedding to-do lists, I’ve realized that not everything on those lists are a must. And the great thing about planning a wedding is that YOU can choose your “must-haves” and your “don’t-needs.”

Because the reality is, most people won’t remember the details.

Here’s a list of things we’re bypassing to leave more room for things we care about for our wedding day & to keep our budget on track!

1. Pricey Shoes. Does anyone even see these? Will I even be wearing them for long? As long as I’m wearing comfortable shoes (I’m someone that Clarks is my fav. shoe brand so … ), I’m happy.

2. Programs. Programs are a great extra, but not a necessity. We’ll have our wedding parties listed on our wedding website where guests can see who’s in our party.

3. Excessive Flowers. Flowers are beautiful but I couldn’t bring myself to spend a lot on something that doesn’t last. We will have simple flowers with lots of greenery that can still be beautiful. Our florist has been wonderful to work with & has educated us on how we can bring our cost down while still having beautiful flowers, such as substituting magnolia leaves for eucalyptus and choosing flowers that are in-season.

4. Tahari Chairs. They’re gold. They’re beautiful. And they’re 4x the cost of regular white wedding chairs. We compromised here & decided on tahari chairs for our head table (since that is where photos will be taken) and opted for white chairs (which are still really pretty) for the rest of the reception as well as the ceremony.

5. Bouquet for tossing. Gather all our female friends in the spotlight to point out they’re single? NOPE. And definitely not paying for that.

Everyone is different and some of these items may be at the top of your list of must-haves. The great thing about planning your wedding is that your partner and yourself get to choose what’s important!

So … what do I actually care about? Check out my post on 5 Areas I’m Spending.